What We Offer

Solar Solutions

We have a vibrant and reliable solar power division. Our expertise ranges from design and installation of small PV systems for domestic homes to large, high profile grid connected and hybrid systems for the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector
• Grid Connected Solar power systems
• Off-grid Solar- Remote Power System
• Hybrid Solar Power System
• Solar Water Pumping (Borehole, Surface Pumping, Irrigation)
• Solar Feasibility Studies
• Solar Thermal Systems
• Solar Street Lighting
• Operation & Maintenance
Our unique offer lies with incorporation of user-friendly and affordable energy management systems and monitoring solutions to all our solar solutions giving clients a high value for their money.

Energy Management Systems

With the ever increasing cost of power as a utility both in the industry, our goal is to reduce the burden of huge electricity bills for our clients by offering dependable energy efficiency services. Our sector-wide experience only stamp our authority in doing our craft. Our energy efficiency division offers the following top-notch services
• Energy Audits
• Energy Management Systems
• Building Management Systems
• Power Quality Management
• Power Factor Correction
• Efficient Lighting & Automation
• Energy Efficiency Tools

Electrical & Industrial Services

Automax offers quality electrical services to organizations, businesses and domestic entities. Our experienced and highly skilled electrical division offers the following services.
• Electrical Power, Inspection and Safety Audits
• Electro-mechanical and Control Systems
• Smart metering
• Servo Voltage Regulators
• VFD, VSD Drives and motor Soft Starters
• PLCs & Scada Systems
• Specialized Electrical maintenance
• General Electrical Installations
• Generators & Pump Installations/Service

Energy Audit & Power Quality Management

In order to help our clients save energy, Automax carries out Energy Audits and Power Quality analysis with the main focus on detecting inefficiencies in energy usage so us to help our clients realize energy savings up to 30%.
We provide solutions for poor power factor, unstable voltage supplies, unstable power supply, harmonic distortions, earth leakages etc.

Energy Consultancy & Training

We offer consultancy and advisory in the following areas:-
• Market analysis
• Review and Evaluation of Solar Powered Systems & Applications
• Energy Policies development
• Project management and strategic planning
• Rural Energy Access
We offer customized in-house training to our clients. We also offer training in the following areas:-
1. Solar PV Training
2. Solar water pumping Training
3. Energy Management Training
4. Scada Systems & Control Training

SCADA Systems & Controls

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

SCADA systems are used to monitor and control a plant or equipment in industries such as telecommunications, water & waste control, energy, oil & gas refining and transportation.